Biographical information
Family Father: King Balak, Wife: Cassandra, Father-in-Law: King Karis
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Liiria
Rank King of Liiria
Battles The First Battle of Jador, The Battle of Nith, The Massacre at Hanging-Man


Son of King Balak, husband of Cassandra, King of Liiria. Known as Akeela the Good, Akeela the Mad, Akeela the Ghost, and Akeela the Drunk. The early months of his reign showed a kind, unselfish, and understanding king. His dream was to have a country in which educated people could choose what they wanted to be, and he was starting the construction of a gigantic library in order to achieve this. Although he was heavily unsupported in this endeavor, his dream never stopped. It was he who traveled with Lukien to Hess and brokered a peace with Reec and King Karis, gaining his beautiful daughter Cassandra the process. While he was preparing for their wedding, she was performing adulterous acts one after the other with the king's adopted brother, Lukien, Bronze Knight of Liiria.

Much later, when he was informed by Lieutenant William Trager of the Royal Chargers of her adultery. Akeela went in a rage and hit him, claiming that he had to be lying and that he would do anything to get Lukien in trouble. Trager stormed away in a rage calling him "truly mad". The irony in this is that Akeela eventually uncovered the truth in a series of letters, all addressed at the end in Lukien's broad handwriting: "Your Adoring Servant". Akeela heard Cassandra coming back in the room when this happened and wanted to scream and yell at her, but she was seriously injured from her newly diagnosed cancer, and Akeela quickly came to delay it with her, but he could never really speak to Lukien the same way again.

Meanwhile, Figgis, Akeela's future librarian, found a possible remedy for her cancer, but it was not widely know about and suspected to be a myth in the northern half of the world. Akeela dispatched Lukien with Figgis and Trager to go find the mysterious artifact known as the "Inai Ka Vala" to the Jadori, and the "Eyes of God" to the rest of the world.

To be continued...