Figgis is the librarian of the grand Liirian library. The library was built early in King Akeela's reign. Figgis is an expert on Jador, including its people and customs, as well as many other subjects such as mythology and astrology. He was also the mentor to Gilwyn and somewhat of a surrogate grandfather to him.


1.0 appearances

1.5 roles

2.0 story

2.5 inventions

3.0 legacy

1.0 Appearances

figgis only appears in the "Eyes of god", serving as a sub character in the plot line, he becomes more important in the 2nd half of  the book, where he takes on a orphaned young man named Gilwyn as his apprentice.

1.5 roles

figgis' main role is as the head librarian of the "cathedral of knowledge" which at the time of his arrival in Liria, was still in the final stages of construction. he later (likely at the request of king Akeela) takes in gilwyn after his mother dies. fullfiling the promise that King Akeela made to his mother that he'd always have a place in his kingdom.

2.0 story

arrival in Liria

Figgis arrives in Koth to become the head librarian of the cathedral of knowledge, having been the final candidate of Akeela's lengthy search for scholars. his vast array of knowledge is impressive even to the standard of his fellow scholars, many of which regard Figgis  as  a genius. when Akeela's wife, Cassandra, falls ill with cancer, Figgis sees Akeela in depression about his wife's terminal illness, and remembers an old legend from jador; two amulets called "the eyes of God" which are said to be able to grant it's wearer eternal life. Akeela is skeptical of the legend at first, and takes some time to think it over, and upon seeing no other options, Akeela arranges for his champion and adopted brother Lukien, accompanied by his arch-rival, Will Trager, and Figgis himself, to travel to jador and find the amulets.

the incident in Jador

upon traveling many weeks, the entourage finally arrives in the land of Jador, where the ruler, Kahan Kadar, welcomes into his palace home and shows them nothing but hospitallity. however after several days, the group realizes that they're running out of time, and devise a plan for Lukien and Tragger to break into the Kahan's bed chamber in the middle of the night disguised as bandits and rob Kadar at knife-point. the plan proceeds smoothly at first, but quickly unravels. lukien, who was holding Kadars wife hostage, tripped over an object in the darkened chamber, as Kadar was about to surrender the amulet, and accidently stabs Kadars wife (who at the time was pregnant) in the stomach during the fall. seeing his wife bloodied and near death, Kadar screams for help, at which point Trager scoops up the  amulet and leads lukien, who is in shock at what he's just done, out of the chamber and outside of the palace where Figgis is Waiting with the horses.

mentor to Gilwyn