Will Trager is a Lirian soldier and member of the Royal Chargers. He is a rival of Lukien and comrade-in-arms under service of King Akeela. He appears initially as a supporting protagonist in the The Eyes of God, but later develops into the novel's secondary antagonist and archenemy of Lukien.


Trager is an able-bodied man, described as looking strong. He has short black hair and rugged beard.


Trager is a man filled with contempt. All his life he lived in the shadow of his rival, Lukien, and constantly looked down upon by all others. Fueled with hate, Trager possesses a violent and sadistic streak that strives to be the best, no matter the cost. 


Born into the life of a Royal Charger, Trager had much expected oh him as both his father and grandfather were strong members of the elite soldiers. He grew up training vigorously, yet never meeting his father's approval.

Despite his skill, he fell into the shadow of Lukien, an orphan from the streets that was brought into the royal family of Liria after saving Prince Akeela. Lukien had a natural talent and always outclassed Trager, regardless of how often he trained. From the moment they met, they became instant rivals. His father would often compare the two and always felt shame for his son and his inability to be as good as Lukien.

Trager eventually found his place among the Royal Chargers under the command of Lukien as his lieutenant. 

The Eyes of GodEdit

The Bronze KnightEdit

Trager accompanies his Captain, Lukien as they and other Royal Chargers lead King Akeela to Hes, the capital of Reec, in order to broker a truce and peace between the two kingdoms after generations of war. 

Although he and Lukien hold a deep rivalty, they both do not like the idea of peace with their former enemies but relent to their king's desires. 

When Akeela secures peace with Reec, he is also found to be marrying the kingdom's princess, Cassandra. He leaves back to Koth, capital of Liria to start the preperations for their wedding. Trager stays behind with a handful of others as Lukien is to escort Cassandra back to Liria after some time. 

Trager becomes aware of 

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